Urban agenda

City life is changing rapidly and precipitously; new ways of understanding human habitat are necessary, and new architectural models prevailing.  The existing challenges are of immediate priority and of profound exigency in the change of paradigms. 

From architecture we must understand that our purpose is to be a tool in the construction of cities and buildings more humane, more efficient socially and environmentally and more responsible and productive, economically and financially.

This is why we propose to unite visions in the generation of an agenda of thought where diverse experiences, skills, lines of action and fields of work converge in a collective reflection from architecture, urbanism and landscaping, on the new strategies to address to make human life in the city; a sustainable and valuable experience for future generations.

Within the questions that raised as the beginning of this process of urgent reflection are:

  1. How should we react and adapt to the wear and tear and decline of traditionally successful models such as the «Mall» or «Sub-urban» residential developments.
  2. How to satisfy the prevailing needs of urban life, recreation and coexistence of city inhabitants, and how to incorporate suburban models to this need in a generalized way in all layers of society.
  3. How to adapt urban and architectural models to the economic transformation of societies.
  4. How to meet the new demands of urban mobility.
  5. How to satisfy the new demands of citizens in terms of housing, work, consumption and recreation.
  6. How to respond to the changes coming from technological development in our way of living and how to visualize a future where artificial intelligence, robotics and autopilot vehicles forge the new needs of city life.
  7. How to respond to urban gentrification, and how to visualize a city where the real estate market and the valuation of land do not act as generators of a new periphery lacking in quality of life and services.
  8. How to design for the new energy challenges of the future.
  9. How to deal with the problems derived from social and urban inequality.
  10. How to use architecture to address the enormous migratory challenges that humanity is facing.
  11. How should our urban and architectural models respond to climate change?

Our objective is simple; to feed the discursive bases in the responsible action of guaranteeing from Architecture the generation of HUMAN value, constantly looking for the best contribution to the quality of life of people as the main focus of work; the URBAN value, making permanent emphasis in the impact of the architectural practice in the life of the cities; and the ECONOMIC value, generating rational, productive and economically and financially sustainable models for all the parties involved.

Together we can build another reality ... Join in!