HUE Principles

Human Development

  1. Friendliness and proximity
    From the solemn, luxurious, distant and exclusive building to the close, user-friendly and inclusive design.

  2. Environmental sustainability
    From the architecture of consumption and predator of natural resources to conscious design, balanced and respectful of the environment.

  3. Beauty
    As an expression of values of being; laudable and pleasant (Aristotelian sense) that generates appreciative value for the values it represents and pleasure in the term of inspiration and integral stimulation.

Urban Development

  1. Publicy
    From the building enclave or aesthetic object to the construction of Sociabilization through architecture; sociabilization based on shared cultural values to build a city with collective emotional resonance and recognition to the memory of the place.

  2. Creative city
    From the conception of the city as a location, to the recognition of the city as the space of well-being and the fundamental basis of the quality of life and intellectual and creative development of its inhabitants; that is, from the design of distraction to the design of inspiration.

Economic Development

  1.  Financial profitability
    From the project without financial conscience to the projection of profitable and responsible architecture with its investors.

  2. Innovative business models
    From the repetition of clearly profitable models to the generation of economic value based on innovation and understanding of new markets: from making designs to generating ideas with added value.

  3. Shared growth
    From the measurement of profitability based only on financial variables to the understanding of wealth and productivity based on the values generated in an integral way and development of all parties involved.

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